Sugar Reduction in Bakery, Snacks, Drinks & Dairy

There is widespread recognition that cutting back on sugar intake is key in promoting healthy eating and health campaigners are urging manufacturers to reformulate their products in order to cut back on calories.

Manufacturers can take the approach of reformulating products to contain lower sugar levels or shift consumer purchase to lower or no added sugar products.

Sugar however, is an important contributor to flavour by interacting with other ingredients. Depending on the food application, sugar has the unique ability to heighten flavour or depress the perception of other flavours. The addition of sugar during processing or preparation of foods not only gives flavour, but contributes to the texture and mouthfeel. Therefore, a reduction can often leave a product tasting bland.

SweetLITE™ range of products has been proven to enable significant reduction in sugar content in various baked products and beverages whilst still retaining the true characteristics of their products. Using cutting edge technology for taste and texture solutions, ITS has the ability and expertise to support customers to meet the challenges of producing healthier products.


SweetLITE™ Texture range

SweetLITE™ texture range of products have been successfully tested whereby significant reductions in sugar content were achieved while still retaining the textural characteristics of products. This has been proven in flapjacks, granolas, clusters, cookies, cereal bars and cakes, whereby a 20%-50% sugar reduction was attained with no detrimental effect on flavour or function.

SweetLITE™ SRC - suitable for cakes, muffins, victoria sponges, frangipane and sweet pastries. Used for sugar reduction -can achieve 20%-30% reduction.
SweetLITE™ H1 - for flapjacks, granola and snack bars. Acts as a binder but also contributes a sweet, creamy flavour to the flapjack/cluster.
SweetLITE™ CO - ideal for sweet and chocolate cookies. Can achieve 33%-50% sugar reduction. Can be added with sugar and other dry ingredients.
SweetLITE™ GS - bridge the gap with flavour loss from sugar reduction in porridge. Can be used to achieve up to 40% sugar reduction. To add texture, use with Porridge pre-mix NATPD11742.

SweetLITE™ Flavourings range

ITS has also developed a range of natural flavours under the SweetLITE™ brand, suitable for sugar reduction, where sweetness and body need to be replaced.

The range includes some flavours particular to a profile, for example vanillas, caramels and berry notes that can help improve the products’ characteristics by enhancing the top notes whilst adding back sweetness and body.

SweetLITE™ GS - Gives a sweetness upfront and middle of the product, with brown, sweet and creamy notes, almost golden notes.
SweetLITE™ BSL - Sweet upfront, with vanilla and sweet and brown notes.
SweetLITE™ BS - Sweetness Modulator with a sweet, creamy, buttery profile, used to boost sweetness where sugar has been reduced, very sweet upfront.
SweetLITE™ BY - Slightly sweet but provides more berry, aromatic notes.
SweetLITE™ KP2 - Provides body and sweet notes.
SweetLITE™ EnhancR - Very sweet, provides body to the flavour profile.
SweetLITE™ Boost - An all round non profile specific sugar and sweetness booster.

Case Studies:

Sugar Reduction in Milkshakes:-
A large dairy company which supplies own-label flavoured milk drinks into large retail outlets approached ITS to help them develop and extend its UHT stable flavour range.
ITS also created a flavour and texture system to help with sugar reduction, where the added sugar in the milk drink has been reduced by 30%. The system not only helps to retain a good recognisable level of sweetness, but also delivered a rich creamy texture that is characteristic of these type of product.

Sugar Reduction in Sweet Pastry:-
ITS was asked to look at sugar reduction in sweet pastry, but without changing the colour and texture of the pastry, using the customer’s recipe.
This was achieved by using SweetLITE™ which enabled a 20% sugar reduction with no change in flavour, texture or colour to the pastry. The pastry also withstood the freezing process. SweetLITE™ has also proved successful in cakes and frangipane.

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