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The desire for fitness and to lead an active lifestyle is driving consumers to seek out healthy food. It is increasingly clear that the lines between sports nutrition and active lifestyle products are becoming blurred as food with high protein content becomes mainstream.

Consumers are also seeking convenient food on-the-go such as bars, snacks and protein shakes which are nutritious, contain low saturated fats and sugar and yet taste delicious.

At ITS, we have the expertise and knowledge to help manufacturers develop great tasting products by improving on flavour and texture. By working closely with customers, our team of experts have been able to accomplish various goals such as improving recipes, developing a new product or even lowering costs.

ITS's range of solutions include those for masking, flavouring, enhancing texture, sugar reduction and increasing protein content.


Masking - MaskEX Sports™
This range has been designed to help mask bitterness, or other off-notes associated with protein, making it more palatable or helping to neutralize the base to add other flavours to it. The range is available in two formats: the first one is ideal for vegan protein-based products, and the second one for whey protein-based products.

Texture Solution - MouthTEX Sports™
This range of products have been developed to to create mouthfeel, texture and creaminess in a protein shake whilst helping to mask bitterness and graininess, creating a thicker and smoother style shake.

Sugar Reduction Solution - SweetLITE™
SweetLITE™ range of products has been proven to enable significant reduction in sugar content in various baked products and beverages whilst still retaining the true characteristics of their products.

SweetLITE™ Natural Flavourings
The range includes some flavours particular to a profile, for example vanillas, caramels and berry notes that can help improve the products’ characteristics by enhancing the top notes whilst adding back sweetness and body.

If you are looking for solutions for high protein baked goods such as brownies, protein balls, cookies and muffin without compromising on taste and texture, please contact us.


MASKEX Sports™ GR (NATPD12924) - Ideal for spirulina, spinach and other similar green powder to help mask the metallic notes associated with vegan protein sources.

MASKEX Sports™ WY (NATPD12923) - A natural flavour used to help mask protein notes from whey.
A natural flavour used to help mask protein notes from whey.

MouthTEX Sports™ WY (NATPD12921) - Ideal for whey protein based instant drinks, creating a creamy, smooth shake. Dosage can vary depending on the amount of whey protein concentrate or whey protein isolate used and other ingredients in the recipe.

MouthTEX Sports™ V (NATPD12922) - Suitable for vegan-based (pea, hemp, rice & soya isolate) instant protein drinks to help mask the graininess from such proteins and to add texture. Dosage varies according to vegan protein used.

SweetLITE™ SRC - suitable for cakes, muffins, victoria sponges, frangipane and sweet pastries. Used for sugar reduction -can achieve 20%-30% reduction.

SweetLITE™ H1 - for flapjacks, granola and snack bars. Acts as a binder but also contributes a sweet, creamy flavour to the flapjack/cluster.

SweetLITE™ CO - ideal for sweet and chocolate cookies. Can achieve 33%-50% sugar reduction. Can be added with sugar and other dry ingredients.

SweetLITE™ GS - bridge the gap with flavour loss from sugar reduction in porridge. Can be used to achieve up to 40% sugar reduction. To add texture, use with Porridge pre-mix NATPD11742.

SweetLITE™ GS - Gives a sweetness upfront and middle of the product, with brown, sweet and creamy notes, almost golden notes.
SweetLITE™ BSL - Sweet upfront, with vanilla and sweet and brown notes.
SweetLITE™ BS - Sweetness Modulator with a sweet, creamy, buttery profile, used to boost sweetness where sugar has been reduced, very sweet upfront.
SweetLITE™ BY - Slightly sweet but provides more berry, aromatic notes.
SweetLITE™ KP2 - Provides body and sweet notes.
SweetLITE™ EnhancR - Very sweet, provides body to the flavour profile.
SweetLITE™ Boost - An all round non profile specific sugar and sweetness booster.

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